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A deep dive into past 2 months at Amygda, and building AutonomousAI stack (Week 63)
Growing, fundraising, and becoming one of the top data startups in Europe (Week 54)
Increasing credibility with clients, first enterprise contract of 2021 signed (Week 42)
On customers, product dev, and design (week 36)
Story of a pen, a ripple effect from 20 years ago (week 32)
End of the year update on Amygda (week 26)
Audio listen: the week we launched the MVP (Week 24)
Spinning many plates and longer nights (Week 21)
Product dev and lessons in recruiting the first external hire (Week 16)
Week 14 – A month of clusterf*ck behind the scenes, but raised funding
Week 8,9,10 - Back to work
Week 7 – Battling 🦠 virus and taking stock (of life and Amygda)
Week 6 – Possibly the most boring week
Week 5 - Why do I openly share all our moves about building an industrial analytics startup?
Week 4 - using partnerships in B2B startup strategy for growth
Week 3 - use of discovery calls in building a B2B startup
Week 2 of building Amygda and a note on VCs
Week 1 of building a startup
It's time to build, Amygda
Are we humans?
Don't focus on building ethical products
Whose business is it anyway to disrupt?
Can you change people's minds? (spoiler alert: No)
Customers build mediocre products
Distribution is as important as Innovation
Unpopular opinion: Corporates CAN act like a startup
Leaving Rolls-Royce
The problem with Corporate Innovation teams being a Virus
Rise of "No Code" and why it will be the future of tech
The secret to going viral? First, show up
Before you build a new service or product, learn to empathise
"Work" needs a branding change
Week 21 in text, listen to what is NOT being said
Week 20 in text, waking up people pretending to be asleep
Week 19 in text, realising each year has 52 weeks
“We always do it this way” as a new weapon of change
A letter to my 2018
Were dinosaurs 🦖 Agile?
Platforms don't solve problems, they sell dreams
The elephant in the A.I. room
Your work isn't important to us
There are no "stakeholders"
Starting again after 6 lost years