Audio listen: the week we launched the MVP (Week 24)

Although is is meant to be a weekly blog, by now you will have realised “Faizan is slacking”.

Yeah well, what excuse do you want me to make up? None.

To be honest, life has been full personally, and professionally.

I was talking to my adviser and he mentioned that I don’t seem to take a break on weekends either. I am still sending stuff and working through.

And I am, yes. I just feel in a really good place. It’s amazing. I don’t want it to stop.

Not that we are flying raking in millions in contract, we are not doing that, yet. But we’ve got a flow going for the team, lot’s of customer engagement, and we have some plans in the pipeline for Q1 in 2021.

And if you read my last post, you know I have become a father for the second time in November 2020.

So things are genuinely busy for me on all fronts.

Something of a change, listen to an update

Yeah, this time the update includes a chat with-founder of Amygda, Shaheryar (we call him Shery, not sure why he prefers Shery with a single r).

And you can listen to us having a chat about it or click below to listen (opens in a new tab).

I’ve been blogging for 10 years, and writing (amateur poems, since 2013) so you can imagine how much I love writing. However, this is the first time I’ve done a voice update.

Voice is definitely a medium that I want to use more. However, so far voice has been a “commitment required” medium to distribute. Like who wants to get a podcast mike, edit it, bring the best audio experience, when all I want to do is have a chat and share it.

The tool I am using for it is called – internet radio is how it bills itself. I couldn’t care less, it does a far better job than that!

What do you think of this week? Let me know by messaging me on LinkedIn or tweet me @faizanpatankar. I love talking, just mention you read my blog.

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