Starting again after 6 lost years

Yeah, I am the guy you will remember as one who didn’t back-up his server data. It was all lost. All the projects, and unfinished websites I was “just close to finishing” are gone.

I have to start my blog again.

6 years worth of my personal content is deleted.

It was crazy, I felt stupid and angry with myself. I remember sitting at my desk in the evening until 2 am scrambling to get my hand. Hoping even an old back-up might be somewhere.


There was none to be found.

I was pissed off. Super pissed off.

And 2 weeks later, I am finally writing this. I am finally over it. I am going to start afresh.

Yes, I lost all my data.

Yes, I lost all my projects.

Yes, I made a fool of myself.

But such is life.

So, with all the learnings and embarrassments of all the past projects and learning, I am going to start again!

OK, and what will you be focussing on Faizan?

Good question! I am glad I asked it myself 🙂

I think I’ve distilled my stories to three things – I want to only write about them:

  • Shout-out to stuff tech, and orgs I feel are doing well and are being excited in this overly boring world.
  • Stories – I’ve wanted to this for a long time, but just didn’t have the courage to go for it. However, I will be sharing conversations that I have with people. I have no idea how this will pan out.
  • Writing-out-loud – this is my writing. It may or may not involve the use of the brain. Simple.

And what’s the aim of the writing?

There is no aim. Honestly, I chase enough targets at my work, in life, in sports, at the gym, heck, even in calories!

So blogging is this one thing I am not going to aim for anything.

Writing is my way of being mindful with myself.

Yeah, let’s make that the aim of blogging.

To be mindful with myself.

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