Were dinosaurs 🦖 Agile?

They most probably were. In fact, I would claim dinosaurs were quite agile for their times.

And what happened to them?

Bang. 💥

Something hit them. They didn’t see that coming.

Dinosaurs 🦖went extinct over 60 million years ago.

Being “Agile” doesn’t save you from going extinct. If your organisation in 201X wants aspires to be agile, you have a problem.

Sooner or later, these enterprises as they are; will become dinosaurs.

Extinct Dinosaurs.

If you claim you are “Being Agile” then you are NOT being agile.

Being agile is about having the agility to do things.

The agility to try new things.

The agility of onboarding, paying, iterating, hiring.

Being agile doesn’t mean 1% of the population works in a chaotic manner. Whilst the other 99% makes decisions by committees.

If it’s 2019 and your enterprise wants to be more agile, beware, so were the dinosaurs.

Being agile alone will not save large enterprises.

So should we not be agile?

…no. You should NOT “Be agile.”

Rather, ask whether,

Are you doing things with agility?

Is your agility leading you to be more innovative.

Are you being collaborative?

Are you embracing agility and become adaptive?

How do you become innovative? Do things with agility. Build fast. Learn fast. Deliver value. Focus on customer success.

How do you become collaborative? Reach out to a small organisation you can work with. Seek out partners in data space. Speak to a startup in your field. The agility required to do this does not come from “Being Agile” – it comes from you!

How do you become more adaptive? Listen. Learn. Build. Iterate. Listen. Learn. Build. Iterate. Listen. Learn. Build. Iterate. The agility to stay honest and disciplined in your mission is down to your personal execution. You don’t need an “Agile” process for this.

Whatever you do. Don’t become an extinct dinosaur.

Nature taught us that over 60 million years ago.

So yeah, the dinosaurs 🦖were agile.

As a further reading, after I wrote my piece, I came across this article on Linkedin. RIP Agile.

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