Before you build a new service or product, learn to empathise

This week I said “I hear you” quite a few times. It was aimed at different people at different times.

But there was a common thread.

They all were sharing a problem they had. A problem or a challenge that was important for them.

What did I do?

I heard them. I heard them for every minute that they spoke. And I told each one of them, “I hear you”.

We don’t hear each other enough. And it matters because unless you hear someone, you don’t know what they are asking for, or the problem they are sharing.

“We judge what we don’t understand.”


I don’t just hear people, or listen to them.

I hear them.

Having empathy is important in everything you do.

Building a startup? Empathise with your customers

Building a new product? Empathise with your users

Building a team? Empathise with your peers

Starting a family? Empathise with your other half

Solving a problem? Empathise with those who have the problem

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Just hear people out and reflect before jumping in with solutions.

So next time I say ‘I hear you‘ I mean it.

That’s all folks

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Image credit: Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash

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