The secret to going viral? First, show up

This week was the London Tech Week. I attended a few events including the UK-India Tech Festival. It was a busy week with travel and events so as a consequence my other tasks were behind.

And so I am late in publishing my weekly blog.

I usually publish my “Week in text blog every Sunday. I am writing this on Tuesday after Sunday and I am late.

There were two choices for me, I either didn’t write this blog and skipped it knowing hardly anyone would notice. Or to write it, and accept that I am late.

I chose to write it, and accept that I am late.

So, why write if I am late?

Writing a regular blog is less about “being able to write” or “having the time to write”. Blogging regularly is about self-discipline.

I blog for self-discipline.

I blog week after week because I want to share.

Blogging is my way of showing up.

And showing up is important.

We often focus on virality and how to get the reach of an audience. How do you make content go viral?

Well, the answer to that is, to first show up. Show up again and again and again, and if you are fortunate, one of the blogs will have a super-reach.

I don’t sit on my laptop and think, I will skip this week and create awesome content next week. No, there is no magic trick for next week’s content to get more reach over this week.

And so I decided to show up and write.

And showing up is important in all walks of life

Let me give you an example, Smartia is a startup that is shaping the future of industrial operations. I have seen them at 4 out of 6 events that I have been to.

I know the team at Smartia so maybe I see them easier than others.

But what I like about Smartia (apart from the tech part) is that they show up. Attending events can have a boring vibe to it, but a better way to look at events for startups is to “Show up”.

You can’t the next contract if you don’t show up.

You don’t know who might pop by your stand if you don’t show up.

You certainly won’t catch the attention of folks like me if you don’t show up

Show up.

In everything you do, be consistent. When you have an off-period, it’s knowing that you’ve shown up at every opportunity that will work in your favour.

That’s all folks

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