Week 21 in text, listen to what is NOT being said

An important aspect of communication is listening to what is not being said. Communication is a beast. Often you will hear someone say they are good in “communication”. Because they can talk. Take it from me, It does not make them a good communicator. Good communication is about listening as much as talking. And excellent communication… Continue reading Week 21 in text, listen to what is NOT being said

Were dinosaurs 🦖 Agile?

They most probably were. In fact, I would claim dinosaurs were quite agile for their times. And what happened to them? Bang. 💥 Something hit them. They didn’t see that coming. Dinosaurs 🦖went extinct over 60 million years ago. Being “Agile” doesn’t save you from going extinct. If your organisation in 201X wants aspires to be… Continue reading Were dinosaurs 🦖 Agile?

Platforms don’t solve problems, they sell dreams

My wife runs a small e-commerce business. Selling halal gift boxes for those who follow the faith of Islam. It’s a growing niche and an untapped market for the price point she tries to match. She uses the Shopify platform to run her small business. And I have spent a number of hours on Shopify, Shopify… Continue reading Platforms don’t solve problems, they sell dreams

The elephant in the A.I. room

I was fortunate to be invited to the Finnish ambassador’s residence on 30th November 2018 to attend a session on A.I. A.I. = artificial intelligence In the session, there were talks from the Chairman of the NOKIA Board, and other focus, including a startup IRIS.AI. From the industry, Microsoft and Samsung had the opportunity to… Continue reading The elephant in the A.I. room

There are no “stakeholders”

In business, in any project, you begin by stating the stakeholders. On LinkedIn, there is even a skill “stakeholder management”. But there are no stakeholders. There are enablers, blockers, observers, supporters, investors, and customers. Stakeholder as a term is as old as the dinosaurs. It has rather lost its meaning.  Employees in large corporates use the term… Continue reading There are no “stakeholders”